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I-CAT 3-Dimensional Imaging CT Scan
Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska offers patients the convenience of a CAT scan for diagnostic and treatment planning needs in our office setting. The scan allows the doctors to evaluate detailed anatomy of the patient's mouth, teeth, jaws, inferior alveolar nerves in the lower jaw, sinuses, and facial bones. The I-CAT has the ability to provide 0.01 mm measurement accuracy and is therefore a useful diagnostic tool in the evaluation and treatment planning of implants, bone quantity and quality available for implant placement, impacted teeth, infections, soft and hard tissue pathology, nerve location, and trauma. This allows the surgeons to have a more predictable outcome for the surgical procedure.
The I-CAT is more convenient and less costly than hospital based CT examinations. Patients remain seated in an open environment which allows for more comfort and a natural anatomical orientation during the scan. The data from the scan is transferred to a computer within a short period and is formatted and displayed for immediate evaluation of the region being examined.

The I-CAT is utilized on the majority of our implant, bone graft reconstruction, pathology, difficult impacted teeth, and trauma surgery cases. We also make it available for other dentists and physicians in the community who wish to take the highest quality images for their patients.
For more information or to schedule an I-CAT, please contact our office.
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